Hey Cafe: HC-598 Titan II ODG

The Titan II ODG is sharing same qualities of the Titan II family of grinders. Additionally it is enjoying the benefits of the Back Setting © technology and the proprietary unique design of HeyCafé on demand grinders, allowing the powders’ outlet chute to easily removed and reattached for washing or replacing by different accessory.

Mechanical Specs

  • Industrial extruded aluminum body.
  • All Aluminum alloy casted dispenser, right/left hand handle.
  • Extra wide dosing ranges (adjustable) 5gr to 9.5gr per dose.
  • Specially hardened tooling steel grindstones
  • Micro adjust high resolution knob for accurate grinding setting
  • Back Setting ©

Operating Modes

Programmable adjusted single cup dose

Programmable adjusted double cup dose

Technical Specs

Assembled Height: 425mm

Assembled Width: 210mm

Assembled Length: 330mm

Bean Hopper capacity: 1.2Kg./ 0.6Kg.

Grinding capacity: 4-7Kg/hour

Dispensing capacity: 5-9.5gr/cup

Grinding stones diameter: 58mm (flat type)

Electric Power: 250watt.