Hey Cafe: HC-600 ODG

The HC-600 ODG is a sub model of the dispenser model, and sharing all the benefits of the successful HC-600. The ODG series is featuring a programmable model (V1) and a manual model. It is a well-balanced grinding machine designed for heavy workloads, serving 1000cups per day and more, yet designed in a modern and elegant style. It is the best performance/price grinder in the world.

Mechanical Specs

  • Heavy Duty cast Aluminum body.
  • Specially hardened tooling steel grindstones.
  • Micro adjust table for accurate grinding.
  • Teflon coated powder outlet chute, detachable washable powder outlet chute.

2 Optional Models

HC-600 ODG V1 operating modes: Programmable adjusted single cup dose and programmable adjusted double cup dose


HC-600 ODG V3 operating modes: Manual On Demand (quantity is manually controlled by operator)   

Technical Specs

Assembled Height: 560mm

Assembled Width: 210mm

Assembled Length: 330mm

Grinding stones diameter: 64mm (flat type)

Bean Hopper capacity: 1.2Kg / 0.6Kg

Grinding capacity: 6-9Kg/hour

Dosing capacity: 4-18gr/dose (on Electronic model)

Electric Power: 350watt