Nuova Simonelli: MDX

The MDX is available in a manually operated version for instant grinding, producing coffee that is always freshly ground.

Mechanical Specs

  • Polycarbonate cover
  • Control counter for coffee dispensed
  • Painted aluminum body
  • Designed according to Biodesign criteria
  • Conical grinders in tempered steel with spiral blades
  • Stepless grind with axial flow rotor
  • External dosage volume adjuster
  • Low rotation speed for uniform grain size


  • Coffee doses counter
  • The blades rotate at low speed for uniform coffee grain size
  • Policarbonated bean hopper
  • Designed and built according bio-design criteria
  • Flat or conicals burrs
  • Micrometrical grinding adjustment
  • Painted stainless steel body
  • Exterior volumetric adjustment of coffee doses

Technical Specs

Assembled Height: 590mm

Assembled Width: 190mm

Assembled Depth: 290mm

Grinding stones diameter: 65mm (conical)

Bean Hopper capacity: 1.2Kg

Grinding capacity: 9 Kg/hour

Speed grinder (sec/dose): 2.7

Electric Power: 400 watt