Coffee Queen: Tea Cater

Tea Cater is a high capacity 2,5L tea-brewer. It is specially made to suit the huge variety of teas around the world with a user-friendly interface and many con-figuration possibilities.


  • Electronic pre-infusion control
  • Digital temperature control
  • Adjustable brew amount
  • 1 pc serving station
  • 2.5 litre with sight gauge
  • Tap and brew-thru lid
  • 1.5 metre connection hose
  • 25 pcs filter paper are included
  • Electronic time control
  • Adjustable amount of brew 4-12 cup

Technical Specs

Capacity: Cups at one load: 17

Dimension (W, H, D): 205, 675, 420 mm

Power: 2500 W

Water Filling: Automatic